Change Beetle

Simulation and optimisation software for complex offshore projects.

About Change Beetle.

Change Beetle is a software design and development company specialising in operational logistics for ocean contexts. Our software simplifies ocean based projects and makes complex decisions easier. 

Offshore wind planning software.

We’re working on a new optimiser for wind development projects, supported by grants from the government of Victoria, Australia.  Register your interest in testing our prototype.

Seafloor Planner.

Seafloor Planner is a leading design and planning tool for ocean bottom node and cable surveys, developed in partnership with Engenius Software and used by multinational organisations across the globe.

A screenshot of Seafloor Planner user interface

Consulting services.

Change Beetle also provides software development and strategy services. We partner with Engenius Software to develop and support the industry leading SurvOPT seismic survey optimiser, with other projects slated to begin soon.  

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