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Change Beetle is a software design and development company specializing in operational logistics for ocean contexts. We are dedicated to innovative change in ocean based projects through development, support and marketing of simulation and optimisation software.

Through our partnership with Engenius Software we contribute our design, development, marketing and support expertise to the industry-leading SurvOPT software suite.

We also partner with Engenius Software to build and market the ocean bottom survey optimiser Seafloor Planner. Seafloor Planner is now used by major companies globally to model and fine-tune their ocean-bottom surveys.

Change Beetle has been honoured to receive a grant from the government of Victoria, Australia, recognizing our commitment to software solutions for offshore wind development. This is helping us to build sustainable logistics optimisation solutions for offshore (and, in future, onshore) wind.

As avid participants in industry conferences, we recently attended the EAGE 23 in Vienna and Global Offshore Wind 23 London events. The contribution of global experts in these highly technical fields has sparked exciting new ideas which we hope to announce soon.

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